Become a licensed
IDI facilitator.

As a licensed facilitator, you will have access to a wealth of resources to develop your deliveries with IDI. You get support, continuous training and become a member of an active network with over 300 professional colleagues.

The requirements

You should first and foremost need to have a suitable background, for example behavioral scientists or leaders with solid experience of individual and group development. Being able to apply experience-based pedagogy is important. You have to provide documentation that confirms your experiences.

The training

The facilitator training is normally two days and includes making your own (new) IDI profile. After the training, you need to complete at least two "internship feedbacks" before you become authorized to use IDI in your organization or business. New facilitators are trained digitally when needed.

Our license model

The license scheme is based on an annual license fee and remuneration per completed IDI profile. We also use staffed volume prices. It is also possible to develop customized license models. Contact us and we will tell you more.


As a licensed IDI facilitator, you get access to training, support, educational support materials and other resources in our platform. In addition, we also offer system design and special support.

Support and support

Our support unit has very high customer satisfaction. In addition to extensive support material on the web, we are available by email and telephone whenever you need us.

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