Customer case

“We at OKQ8 strive to develop a culture internally and towards customers that increases the company’s competitiveness, both as an employer and as a player in the market. Our goal is to have a clear and anchored picture of what kind of leadership we want to see at our petrol stations, where IDI has proven to be a good base for creating a common language for the part of the business that rests on collaboration and interaction.”

”We see IDI as a lubricant in our machinery and it is used when we appoint managers, in employee interviews and in the development of our managers/leaders.”

About OKQ8

OKQ8 is one of Sweden’s largest fuel companies. OKQ8 has a station network with about 700 stations across the country and another 40 facilities for heavy traffic. OKQ8 offers a complete product and service range for both the car and the motorist.

In 2015, for the second year in a row, OKQ8 won the award for “best customer service” in the fuel category. The prize is awarded by the organization Service Scores.