Customer case

”IDI gives us valuable insights about ourselves and our colleagues. For new employees, it is mandatory to complete IDI training. For us, the result has been more effective groups, a greater understanding of why individuals react and behave in different ways, especially in situations of perceived stress. Working with adaptability, one of the dimensions measured, has proven valuable for collaboration and integration within the company. We highly recommend this tool for the development of both individual, group and company.”

“IDI gives us valuable insights about ourselves and our colleagues. It increases the understanding of how different driving forces we have and why we react the way we do.”

About PiteEnergi

PiteEnergi is a wholly owned municipal group that enables sustainable development in the region. We offer 100% renewable electricity and own, maintain and develop Piteå’s electricity, district heating and broadband network with the best interests of the environment in focus.

Since 2017, we are a “Great Place To Work” with very high ratings from our approximately 120 employees – 96% think that PiteEnergi is a very good workplace. We are proud of that!