Single Technologies

Customer Case

“The ability to work across borders is Single’s cultural DNA and one of the keys to our success. We operate on the border of the unknown, which places demands on our employees’ ability to lead themselves, collaborate and be led. IDI gives me better insight into the driving forces of different employees, how they understand their work and how to balance their needs against the company’s goals. It helps me also to think about my role as a founder, CEO and employee. I appreciate the simplicity, that it focuses on the work-context and that it gives us a common language that helps us develop our individuals, groups and culture so that we increase the chance of getting the breakthrough that our unique technology and world deserves.”

– Johan Strömqvist, CEO and founder.

About Single Technologies

Single Technologies has a world-unique technology and is pushing the limits of genomics by combining single molecule imaging, fast large area confocal scanning, grating techniques, fluidics, nanotechnology and a large portion of out of the box thinking.

The company was founded in 2014 and is the result of a unique combination of research and innovation derived from research at the Royal Institute of Technology.