Strängnäs Municipality

Customer case

”In our leadership development program – Me as a leader – IDI has been an important component in strengthening the ability to interact and create an understanding of how we can make better use of each other’s strengths. We also use IDI in the development of both management groups and working groups linked to our values ​​Development, Respect, Openness and Clarity.”

”With the support of IDI, we have been given a tool to strengthen openness and thus trust in each other, which in turn strengthens our ability to interact.”

About Strängnäs Municipality

Strängnäs municipality with about 37,000 inhabitants has a scenic and strategic location in the heart of Mälardalen. The municipality’s 2,500 employees who work in schools, childcare, health and care, community building and culture and leisure have a common mission to create an attractive place to live and live in.

A starting point for this is to create a culture where all employees’ full competence is utilized to create increased quality, efficiency and job satisfaction. There, leadership plays a crucial role. This is the reason why we work with IDI with a strong focus on leadership at all levels in the organization.