IDI creates a profile of how others experience you

An IDI profile is based on anonymised data from people you work with in a specific context. You choose your respondents yourself. In our platform, they provide data on how they experience you in your role.

An IDI profile gives you insight

Being aware of how you affect - and are affected by - the social interaction in a given situation increases your ability to lead yourself, collaborate and communicate.

Your own image of how you are perceived

When you create your IDI profile, you first describe how you think your respondents experience you in your role. Yours and their image can then be compared and become a starting point for developing your collaboration.

Being aware is not a condition but a process

The idea that people's personality is important for their ability to solve organizational challenges can be harmful because the knowledge of how one “are” risks locking people into boxes rather than making them more flexible and learning. A role can be interpreted and played in many different ways with equally good results.

An IDI profile helps you to develop:

Your interaction

You get a better understanding of how you influence those you work with and you become more aware of your unique contributions to fulfilling your tasks and achieving your goals.

Your support

You will understand the driving force behind the behavior of others and how you can support and help your colleagues in a more constructive way.

Your attention

You will learn when your strengths and talents will give energy to others and also what you need to do to not become an energy thief in the collaboration.

Your trust in yourself and others

When you share your IDI result with others, you develop together. The group's relationships will improve. You will see increased integration and less misunderstandings.

An IDI profile is created by anonymised data from people you select

The result - the IDI profile - is created by the data provided by your selected respondents. The information is processed and compared with a national standard that is unique to each country.

You invite them quickly and easily via your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

To be able to create an IDI profile, you first make a self-assessment of how you think your respondents perceive you. Then you can easily invite them via text message or email on our digital platform.

What does an IDI profile contain?

You get a picture of how you are experienced in three different respects

How direct are you?

How often are you seen as striving to actively influence people or projects.

The scale is called Directiveness

How personal are you?

How often are you seen as striving to be personal and create emotional contact.

The scale is called Affiliation

How attentive are you?

Where do others feel that you put your focus when you work with them?

The scale is called Adaptability

A licensed facilitator helps you all the way

Your IDI facilitator gives you advice on who to invite as respondents to you get the most out of your IDI profile. He/she also delivers the results, helps you understand it and gives you personal support to - based on your unique role - sharpen your cooperation and interaction.

Licensed IDI facilitators

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