IDI for Individuals

This plan is suitable for all individuals who want to develop in their roles. Start your development journey by creating an IDI profile. To create an IDI profile, you need to choose a role linked to a task and at least 3 other people you work with in the role whose perspective you will receive and create the IDI profile from.

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Start your development journey with an IDI profile.

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Get started with IDI by choosing a role in which you want to develop. After that, you get to assess how you think others perceive you in that role. This gives you information about your intentions based on the spectrum of the dimensions we measure.
A value-neutral compilation of the outcome of your actions and your intentions is presented in an IDI profile. This provides valuable insights that helps you reflect on your own and others’ reasoning and kick-starts your development journey.

You then invite get others perspectives on how you act in that role. This provides you with the outcome of your actions as perceived by those you work with in that role and context.

Get access to IDI Academy where various micro-courses help you learn more about how to increase your self-awareness and other-awareness. Becoming more aware helps you develop your sense of agency and make more informed decisions.
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