IDI Profile

Inventory of social skills

IDI Platform consists of three parts. The first one, IDI Profile, is an advanced psychometric tool designed to create an inventory of interpersonal (social) skills of individuals and groups within organizational settings.

The IDI Profile integrates results from two perspectives:

1. Self-assessment, where an individual evaluate how they think their own behavior is perceived. This (internal perspective) views the thoughts, experiences, and feelings of an individual, shedding light on the intentions behind their actions.

2. Assessments from other people (aggregated to an anonymous and value-neutral data point), evaluate how they percieve the individual in their functional role. This (external perspective) highlights the outcomes of the individuals actions

IDI Profile is an inventory of an individual’s interpersonal skills in their functional role in a work context.  A person’s functional role in a specific work context emphasizes the dynamic interplay between:

1. I, the personal/individual identity.
2. We, the interpersonal/group dynamics.
3. It, the impersonal/work task.

IDI Profile measures three independent dimensions that are integral to understanding how individuals interact with others, approach tasks, and adapt to changing situations in the workplace. The dimensions are:

1. Directiveness measures how an individual balances focus between effectively conveys their ideas and being receptive to others’ opinions.
2. Affiliation evaluates the balance an individual maintains between accomplishing tasks and building positive relationships.
3. Adaptability is about being mindful of one’s own needs while remaining attentive to the needs and perspectives of others.

Creating an IDI Profile takes about 15 minutes.

1. Sign up!
2. Select a role to assess.
3. Complete your self-assessment.
4. Invite others to assess you.
5. Your IDI Profile is completed.
6. Learn more in IDI Academy.

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