IDI Platform

A platform that enables continuous growth. IDI gives you information about the outcome of your actions from the perspective of others in a specific work context. The practical and theoretical knowledge together increases your awareness of the personal and interpersonal elements that influence how you act in your social role at work.


Choose a role

You start with identifying a role you take in a work context and are then guided to choose a number of colleagues whom you work with in that role, that you want to gain perspective from.


Get others perspective

You will be guided to invite those colleagues to provide you with their perspective of you in your role.


Get your profile

Once their data is received, a profile of their perspective based on the three dimensions of you in your role will be generated and presented using experiential pedagogy.


Further learning

IDI Academy uses a simplified approach to individualized teaching with micro courses, where you can continue studying about your reasoning to further increase your self- and other-awareness.


Continuous development

Implement your newly acquired knowledge. Track and follow up on your development. Reframe your mindset and enable actual growth. Empower your reasoning and judgment to act more consciously and purposefully.

Tools for the whole organisation

IDI empowers people to grow by adopting a dynamic mindset and taking others’ perspectives to increase social bonds and awareness of hidden biases. 

Teams get new tools that enable conversations with a value-neutral common language and increase awareness of the team’s interpersonal dynamic.

The organization can increase awareness of the built in discrepancies between intentions and actions that are created by defensive routines.

There are many ways that people can influence our behavior, but perhaps one of the most important is that the presence of others seems to set up expectations. One way in which these expectations become apparent is when we look at the roles that people play in different contexts. With each social role you adopt, your behavior changes to fit the expectations both you and others have of that role.

Our plans​

Choose a plan that works for you, your group or organization and let us help you get started right away or tailor a solution for you specific needs.​


Start your development journey with an IDI profile in your IDI Account.

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Everything you need to get your team started quickly and smoothly. 

Starts at $249/user


Strategic support and guidance to get your people development started.

Starts at $299/user


Dedicated expertise and support tailored for your unique needs.

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