Context-Driven People Development

IDI is a development platform that uses a context-driven approach to nurture social intelligence in the workplace and enable individuals to cultivate a growth mindset with actionable insight into how others experience them in their role in a work context.

Focus On The Role In A Work Context

IDI diverges from traditional methods by focusing on an individual’s role in a specific work context rather than solely on their personality traits. Recognizing that social intelligence is not solely determined by inherent character but is also influenced by the dynamics and expectations of the professional environment. As illustrated by the image, what we mean by a role is…

…the individual’s (I) collaboration with others (We) when working on a task (It). IDI focuses on that which arises in the middle, the role. The role provides valuable information about an individuals ability to interact based on the circumstances of the context.

A Specific Starting Point

Developing soft skills, including social intelligence, can pose challenges for individuals and organizations. One of the main obstacles is knowing where to start and how to enhance these skills in a meaningful way. With IDI, the development journey starts with insights into how individuals currently act in their role, as perceived by those they work with in a work context.

Targeted Development

Armed with insights from IDI, individuals can focus their efforts on specific areas for improvement, allowing for more efficient and effective skill development. This targeted approach facilitates personal and professional growth in areas that will have the most significant impact on their social intelligence.

Contextual Understanding

Traditional development approaches often focus on an individual’s inner self or an ideal behavioral model to strive for. IDI offers a distinctive approach that considers the specific work context in which individuals operate, providing a nuanced understanding of their behaviors within that environment. IDI captures insights into individuals interactions with colleagues, approaches to tasks, and navigation of social situations. This context-awareness enables individuals to tailor their development efforts to their unique workplace dynamics.

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Enabling people to achieve their fullest potential at work

These are the primary principles that our platform utilize to ensure that actual growth is enabled and achieved.

Intentions vs actions

Get insight into how others perceive you in your role at work and learn about the systematic mismatches that occur unconsciously between your intentions and the outcome of your actions.


Different soft skills

Broaden your horizons and expand your toolbox with IDI. Add new soft skills to your toolbox by learning about the unique contributions people with different behaviors make in different work contexts.

Functional roles

Each social work situation entails its own particular set of expectations about the “proper” way to behave. These expectations becomes apparent when using IDI to learn about the different functional roles you take.

Perspective taking

Taking perspective is an intentional process. Getting someone else’s perspective with IDI helps you see more of that person in yourself. This increases your social bonds and awareness of hidden biases.

Reflective practice

Learn how to take a critical stance or attitude towards your own practice and that of one’s peers. IDI uses reflective practice to enable self-awareness, engaging in a process of continuous adaptation and learning.

Nurturing Awareness

Self-awareness and other-awareness contribute to a positive work environment, effective communication, stronger relationships, and improved teamwork. These qualities not only benefit individuals but also enhance organizational culture, productivity, and overall success.


Self-awareness is the capacity for introspection and the ability to recognize oneself as an individual. Reflecting on your own thoughts and the outcome of your actions as they are perceived by others increases your self-awareness. By becoming more self-aware with IDI, you can make more informed decisions and better understand yourself and others.


Other-awareness, also known as interpersonal awareness, is the ability to empathize and respect other’s perspectives. Being other-aware helps you be more effective in your interactions with others. You can increase your other-awareness with IDI by being attuned to the contextual cues as well as being able to take others perspective and understand their motivations.

How does IDI work?

IDI uses norm-referenced assessments to measure others’ perspectives of you in your role at work in three different dimensions. The scale is based on how often or seldom you show the three measured dimensions.

Balancing advocacy and inquiry​


Directiveness is the art of effectively conveying ideas and opinions while remaining open to different perspectives.

Directiveness involves finding a delicate balance between advocating for one’s viewpoints and genuinely inquiring about others’ ideas. This skill is crucial for fostering healthy dialogue, encouraging diverse thinking, and driving innovation within teams. Using IDI to master directiveness as skill, individuals can build trust, promote collaboration, and create an environment that values and integrates various perspectives.

Balancing focus on people and tasks


Affiliation emphasizes the importance of striking a balance between accomplishing tasks and cultivating positive relationships.

While achieving objectives is crucial, neglecting the human element can have detrimental effects on team dynamics and overall productivity. Prioritizing the establishment of connections, understanding colleagues’ needs, and creating a supportive work environment fosters effective teamwork, collaboration, and employee engagement. Using IDI to learn how to balance focus on people and tasks contributes to a harmonious work environment that promotes both individual and organizational success.

Distributing attention between oneself and others


Adaptability is about being mindful of one’s own needs while remaining attentive to the needs and perspectives of others.

When interacting in a social work setting, we all constantly pay close attention to the intentions and desires of others. Such behavioral tendency of attending-to-others allows us to infer the mental states of others and therefore respond in a context-appropriate manner. In parallel to attending-to-others, attending to the bodily self (attending-to-self) is as crucial. When using IDI, you gain an understanding that attention in social work contexts is a dynamic behavioral and cognitive process that can be flexibly employed depending on the situation. Mastering this skill fosters flexibility, resilience, and the ability to create a balance between personal needs and collective success within teams.

Built for everyone in your organization

An holistic approach to people development that enables an aligned organizational culture.


IDI helps individuals to continuously develop their growth mindset and become more conscious with personalized plans.


Conscious leadership enables leaders to transform individual potential into committed collective performance.

Teams and groups

Enable conversations with a value-neutral common language and increase awareness of the teams interpersonal dynamic.


Understand the composition of the interpersonal culture of your organisation. Enable organizational consciousness.

Our plans​

Choose a plan that works for you, your group or organization and let us help you get started right away or tailor a solution for you specific needs.​


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