Nurture Social Intelligence

Our mission is to help people in organizations contribute to a business-oriented organizational culture that is characterized by cooperation, openness and trust.

We integrate a deep understanding of people, organizations and digital technology to develop a user-friendly scientific development tool for a professional staff- and organization developers.

Development and modernization

Our current IDI tool has been developed by a team led by Thomas Larsson and Aram Marqus. Members of the team are - among others - Dr Johan Grant, Professor Bo Ekehammar, Organizational Psychologist Frida Nilsson and Dr Eric Zackrison. In recent years, we have created a completely new theoretical and digital platform that has opened the doors to new powerful ways to develop people, groups and organizations.

170,000 unique profiles in 22 languages

IDI was originally developed in the USA in 1977 and was taken to Sweden in the early 1980s. It was first used in a consulting training for the Armed Forces. Since 2015, the rights for IDI are owned by IDI Profiling AB, a Swedish company based in Stockholm.

Over the years, we have profiled over 170,000 people - most of them managers - in more than 40 countries and in 22 different languages. IDI is currently used by more than 300 licensed facilitators.

The Board

Thomas Larsson

Founder & CEO

Thomas is a senior organizational consultant with 40 years of experience from assignments in Sweden and in other parts of the world. He has been using IDI for more than 30 years and​for the past 20 years he has been primarily responsible for the development of the IDI tool and the training of our licensed IDI facilitators worldwide.

Thomas holds an M Sc in Human Services from Springfield College, Massachusetts, USA and is a Certified Management Consultant, CMC, according to ICMCI – The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes.

Marita Bildt

Chairman of the Board

Marita and her husband started the IT company Teleopti AB in the ’90s. They developed the business into an international company with offices in fifteen countries and over 200 employees befor they sold the company in 2019. IDI was one of the cornerstones of the Company’s efforts to have a high level of its personnel- and management development.

Marita is a behavioral scientist and has a background in the Swedish Armed Forces, where she worked with organizational and leadership development. Marita has been Chairman of the Board of IDI Profiling AB since 2015.

Aram Marqus

Technical Development

Aram is a developer and entrepreneur who co-founded the digital agency QBD, a company that develops its own IT systems and offers consulting and agency services with a holistic approach. QBD received the DI Gasell award in 2020 and was named Super Company by Bisnode in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Since 2016, IDI’s technical platform has been developed by a team led by Aram. In 2019, he became a partner at IDI Profiling and took a seat on the board taking responsibility for our technical development. Aram is also a licensed IDI supervisor.

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