Olink Proteomics

Customer case

“IDI helps us to better understand each other and provides conditions for working more effectively together in our teams. IDI is an important tool in our leadership development program LEAD Forward. Understanding how I myself am experienced by others and why individuals react and behave differently, especially in pressured situations, are important insights and help us to develop both as individuals and as a team. Greater understanding, trust and confidence will increase our ability to collaborate and effectively help our customers do good for the world.”

IDI helps us create higher trust and confidence, which makes us more effective.

About Olink Proteomics

Olink Proteomics AB is a fast-growing Uppsala-based global company whose world-leading technology and products contribute to the development of precision medicine. The products have been used in medical fields such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and neurological diseases.

Our technology Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) can measure close to 1500 biomarkers at the same time, in only 3 µL samples. The analyzes enable an in-depth understanding of disease processes, improved disease detection and contribute to increased biological knowledge.

In five years, we have analyzed more than one million samples and generated close to 90 million datapoints for hundreds of customers from both research institutes and pharmaceutical companies. Olink’s biomarker panels have been used in hundreds of research studies around the world since the COVID 19 outbreak to support the global fight against the pandemic.