Customer case

”IDI is a powerful tool that we have experience of since 2005. Today, there is no other tool that has the same clear effect on the individual’s personal development. In 2020, we started our leadership program, which runs over 3 years. In the first part of the training, IDI is implemented on all participants, so that the participants can better meet the change journey that PMC is on. Over the next 5 years, all people in senior positions will use IDI as a natural part of their leadership development.”

Together we shine brighter

“We believe in the human power behind every innovation and development. Our best innovation is the human being, IDI helps us to develop that innovation.”

About PMC

PMC is an installation company that has operated in the Mälardalen Valley since 1986. We offer innovative, future-proof and efficient services and products in electricity, telecommunications / data, television, security and temporary electricity. Our success is based on our employees’ commitment and competence and together with our customers, we create the solutions of the future.

PMC launched a new vision in 2018 “We lead the industry forward through passionate and competent employees. We achieve this by taking the responsibility to develop and be a role model for the entire industry through our employee focus – We want to shine stronger.